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Jacksonville Veterinary Care

Since 1965, Mandarin Animal Hospital has strived to provide the highest quality of South Jacksonville veterinary care to companion animals in and around Jacksonville. We believe that the center of quality care is thorough preventative medicine matched with a commitment to embracing new knowledge and cutting edge technology, all at an affordable price for our clients.

Jacksonville: An Overview

Mandarin Animal Hospital is located in Jacksonville, the largest city in the Florida by population and the largest city by area in the contiguous United States.

Jacksonville is:

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Jacksonville Pet Resources

South Jacksonville Preventative Pet Care

Based on our years of veterinary experience, we know that the thorough practice of preventative medicine is the most effective means to keep your pet healthy.

We offer:

Your pet’s wellness exam includes examination of your pet’s:

Jacksonville Pet Vaccines & Screenings

Vaccines for your Jacksonville pet are an essential aspect of any preventative veterinary medicine program at Mandarin Animal Hospital. We recommend the following:

Our Veterinarian

Dr. James Mosley, Jr. is a general practitioner and owner of Mandarin Animal Hospital.

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Mandarin Animal Hospital is located at 4473 Sunbeam Road in Jacksonville. We’re open Monday through Saturday, and until 7 p.m. on Tuesdays. For questions or to schedule an appointment, please call the hospital at (904)731-5341 or visit our full website.